Family Dig It Weekend
August 16-17, 2014


Family Dig It Weekend is the perfect opportunity for families to explore archeology and prehistoric lifeways in an overnight adventure!


The Program: The program runs from 10:00 am Saturday to 10:00 am Sunday. Tuition is $50 per adult and $75 per child, and covers room, supplies, instruction, and the opportunity to excavate an archeological site! Program includes excavation of an archeological site, artifact washing, and learning how people lived in the past. View the tentative schedule.

Food is not included in the program. Please bring your own. We have refrigerators, a microwave, and a campfire area perfect for a cookout—or dine at a local restaurant. Each family will have their own room in our dormitory.

Who May Enroll: Children ages 7-13 and their families and guardians. Children under the age of 7 are probably not ready for this program.


Enrollment Process: Complete the following forms and return them to the CAA along with your 30% deposit or full payment.

Upon receipt, we will send you a confirmation letter and a packet of additional information.


Registration for the program closes one week prior to the start of each session. Register early to reserve a space for your family. Enrollment is limited to 15 people per session.

Please contact Carol Colaninno at or 618-653-4316 for more information.