The advanced high school field students had a productive week in the field.  Professional skills such as shovel scraping, laying out units, and profiling were added to the curriculum and allowed students to gain greater insight into the nuances of archeological fieldwork. The students continued work in SQ1064 where troweling was still required but shovel scraped in the Archaic deposits of SQ1057 and SQ1058. In SQ1055, we taught students how to properly scribe and map the profiles. The stratigraphy was clear, and the students were able to map the profile with little difficulty.

Students were also able to practice laying out new excavation units, and learned the proper methodologies that allow archeologists to gain the most information from a particular site. On Friday, we took a field trip to Cahokia and were able to observe ongoing excavations being conducted by Dr. John Kelly. As such, our students were able to compare their own excavations at TBGOK to those occurring elsewhere in the region. Thanks to the outstanding enthusiasm of these field school students, we accomplished our goals for the week and concluded our high school field program on a great note. Next week marks the beginning of our Adult Field School. Check back for more updates!

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