IMG_1361_400Yá’át’tééh (hello), my name is Rechanda Lee and I am from the Diné Nation. I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a M.A. in Archeology. I am an archeologist at Chaco Culture National Historical Park, which is a significant prehistoric cultural complex that thrived in Northwestern New Mexico between 800-1250 AD. My interests in archeology focus around North and South American archeology, ethnoarcheology, public archeology, geospatial archeology, and museum practices. However, my area of expertise is in Southwestern archeology, researching both prehistoric (Anaasazí, Sinagua) and historic (Diné) cultures. I applied to the Center of American Archeology – Women in Archeology Internship, because my knowledge of the Woodland culture is minimal, but I consistently question if there is any evidence of interaction through trade or some other means between prehistoric peoples living in the Southwest and Midwest. In addition, I hope to gain some tricks of the trade, if you will, in public archeology that would be helpful in my home park unit. Especially to provide an educational experience while developing a good stewardship mentality.

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