We’ve got a great slate of speakers for Archeology Day – please come and join us tomorrow, Saturday, July 12, from 10am – 4pm!

10:30 am: Dr. Jane Buikstra, President of the CAA: Bioarchaeology and Ancient Tuberculosis: News Flash

11:30 am: Corin Pursell, Saint Louis University: Kincaid: A Prehistoric Illinois Metropolis in Little Egypt

12:30 pm: Dr. Carol Colaninno, CAA Director of Education: Archeological Education: Exploring Archeology at the Buried Gardens of Kampsville Site

1:30 pm: Taylor Thornton, ASU Field School Assistant Director: More than Moundbuilding: Recent Investigations from the Mound House Site

2:30 pm: Jason King, CAA Director of Research: Highs and Lows: Geophysics and the Excavation of the Embankment-and-Ditch Structure at 11C120

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