The annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists is happening in St. Louis. CAA Legacies Katie J. Zejdlik and Kathryn E.D. Kulhavy have organized a poster symposium that presents recent research by archeologists who have experienced Kampsville (See link below).

Here’s their description of the program:

For over six decades students and scholars have come to Kampsville, Illinois in association with programs through the Center for American Archeology (CAA). Many of these individuals were already committed to careers in biological anthropology or have gone on to such careers largely as a result of their experiences in Kampsville . Located just one and a half hours drive from St. Louis, MO, Kampsville’s rich archaeological history has produced collections that have allowed insight into health, diet, ancestry, and mortuary customs of indigenous peoples as well as the methods and theory necessary for accumulation of knowledge about these various topics. Some of the most cited literature in biological archaeology is a result of the collections, training, and experience arising out of the Kampsville community of practice. Every year researchers whose roots can be traced back to tiny Kampsville, Illinois present their work at professional conferences all over the world and their contributions to the American Association of Physical Anthropology meetings have been substantial. On-going collaboration and mentorship among accomplished Kampsville alumnae/i and emerging professionals illustrates the legacy of cooperation fostered by the Kampsville Experience. This symposium highlights current research being conducted by the multiple generations of scholars who have been or are part of the Kampsville community. The breadth of research both theoretically and geographically demonstrates how this network continues to train and encourage new ideas and reassess old ones in an effort to promote the overall vitality of physical anthropology.

CAA President Jane Buikstra (Arizona State University) will give an introductory presentation on the CAA and its impact at 8 am.

Lyle Konigsberg (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) will close out the session with a discussion of the session and the CAA’s influence at 11 am.

There are 15 great posters in the session. Since we known not everyone is a member of the AAPA or can attend the conference, we’ve put the posters online as PDFs for everyone to enjoy.

Take moment and see what some of our Legacies have been up to recently!

A big thank you to Katie, Katie, Jane, and Lyle for making this happen!

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