Kampsville Legacy

Kampsville Legacy
Kampsville Legacy is the Center for American Archeology’s alumnae and alumni society. Membership is free; the price of admission is having experienced archaeology with the CAA.

The Center for American Archeology’s legacy is people—everyone who has been part of our programs, field crews, laboratories, staff and everyone in between. Our legacy is the enduring, and sometimes transformative, effect on people’s lives from being exposed to archaeology in Kampsville. Thousands have passed through and we haven’t always done a good job keeping up. We want to fix that!

Stuart Struever and the 1958 Kamp Mounds field crew.

Stuart Struever and the 1958 Kamp Mounds field crew.

Everyone has a Kampsville story. What’s yours?
We want to hear from you! We’d love to hear what you’ve been doing since your time in Kampsville. Did your archaeological experience(s) here play a role in your journey? Maybe you have a story or a photograph that you want to share.

We’d like to build an online repository of Kampsville memories to share with the world. Send yours to legacy@caa-archeology.org. We’re interested in stories, pictures, drawings, and anything else you’re willing to share. Tell us what you’ve been up to and how your time in Kampsville has affected you. As new items arrive, we’ll post them here!

Kampsville Legacy Across the Globe
The Center for American Archeology in Kampsville is a tiny place with global impact. Send us a picture of yourself wearing CAA gear along with a location and short caption and we’ll add you to the map!


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