It’s time for another issue of Early Man!1 This month we’re posting issue #2 from July 1974. In this issue, you’ll find:

  • info about Members’ Weekend, the precursor to Archeology Day;
  • a piece about a tool repair workshop found in Horizon 8 of the Koster site;
  • an interview with Verne Carpenter, who helped excavate the first test square at Koster, participated in the first Adult Field School, and excavated at several sites in the Lower Illinois Valley;
  • an article about the Junior High School Field School (July 3-19, 1974) with quotes from the participants;
  • and a Happy Birthday wish to Kampsville on its 100th birthday!

Here are some quotes from junior high students in 1974:

Laura Segal, 7th grade, Evanston, Ill. “We get a square and dig and screen to find artifacts and find features. You have to learn as you go along. It’s really hard to learn just by someone telling you. There’s a special way, not really to dig, but–digging is digging–but where to dig, and what you do if you find things, and how to notice things is important and you learn that as you go along.”

Mercer Doyle, 6th grade Kenilworth, Ill., “I sort of like digging. If I find something I sort of like to think that I’m the first person to touch it since it’s been made. It’s sort of fun, really, the feeling that it was made by someone that I’ve never seen, but I know he was there.”

One thing that really stands out in this issue is the enthusiasm of avocational and student archeologists for discovering the past, sentiments echoed in recent blog posts by Zasha Wojtech and Knate Bartosch.

For 60+ years, the Center for American Archeology has worked to help make archeology for everyone as part of our mission to educate, research, and preserve. The CAA continues to inspire students of all ages through programs like the High School, Adult, and University Field Schools.

If you or someone you know is looking for a chance to experience archeology firsthand, use the Program menu at the top of the page to sign up for one of field schools.

And if you’ve been here before, share your story with us2 and consider making a donation to support our programs and fieldwork.

July 1974

July 1974

1Technically it’s past time for an Early Man update. The original plan was a monthly post but we got off track during the holidays. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2We’d really love to have stories, anecdotes, and pictures from your time in Kampsville to share online. Please send to the email link above. If you have a lot of high quality images too large for email, send us a message and we’ll make other arrangements.

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