Zhegwei shovels out area B of F 383-05

These days are tooooo hot! I have never lived or worked in a place this hot!!!!

Well, let me tell you about today’s field work.

Today we continued digging in our unit, Sq 618. We are continuing to focus on a feature within Sq 618 that was started last year. This feature is F 383. After scraping off a few centimeters of what is now level 05 of F 383, we designated 3 areas based on soil color differences: areas A, B, and C. Area A is a dark soil directly beneath the feature fill of F383 which could be leeching of the feature fill. Areas B and C are lighter in color like the natural soil of the site. Our plan is to dig these three areas 10cm deeper to get a clearer view of the profile of F 383 and to test whether or not we are out of the feature fill of F 383. Last week we had finished area A, and this Monday we almost finished area B. Today, we finished the areas B and C by shoveling them out.

In area A, we found a few artifacts, but in areas B and C, there aren’t many artifacts at all. Both areas B and C are mostly natural soil. The soils in area C are very hard. It’s really hard work to dig in area C even using a shovel. So, the work these past few days has been hard and tedious, however, that’s how archaeological excavation is sometimes.

I do hope we can find exciting artifacts when we start taking out the pedestaled half of F 383!






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