WIA scholarship recipient prepares the photo board

Preparing a photo board for documenting an excavation unit at TBGOK.

The Center for American Archeology needs your help to meet our Year-End Giving Campaign goal of $200,000!

Yes, that’s a lot of money to raise. Here’s why we think our research and education programs are worth every single penny:

When you donate, you ignite archeological investigation. Your gift says “YES!” to scientific research. It says that 15,000 years of human history matters: it’s worth knowing and saving.

Your donation opens excavation units, turns on the magnetometer, and brings the Golden Eagle Site’s unique ditch-and-embankment structure to life for our students. Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, the CAA was able to conduct the first systematic fieldwork at Golden Eagle in 2014. This was the first stage of what promises to be an exciting long-term investigation of local prehistoric earthwork structures.

Your donation opens the doors to the CAA Museum as a bus of eager 4th graders arrives to learn about the past through our Past Lifeways Program. It provides laboratories, equipment, vehicles, dormitories, and so much more.

Your donation keeps us connected to donors, members, legacy members, and the world beyond Kampsville. Watch our work in progress through our blog and our newsletter, The Prehistoric Times. Look over our shoulders as we analyze geophysical data from sites throughout our area. Sit next to us as we sharpen our trowels to excavate a hearth that hasn’t seen the light of day for 2,000 years. Cheer us on as we present the results of our research at public libraries, schools, and professional conferences.

Your donation helps us provide innovative learning experiences for K-12 students through the award-winning Past Lifeways Program, first-hand instruction in scientific excavation for children, families, teens, and adults, and vital pre-professional experience for college students through our highly-regarded Arizona State University Field School.

Your donation also supports the development of new programs and initiatives like the Seeds of Change Program, the Veterans Archeological Mission, and more.

The Center for American Archeology’s work is made possible by your generosity!

Sustain our work and ignite archeological exploration today by making your tax-deductible donation. Your  gift, no matter what the size, will make a tremendous difference in reaching our goal of $200,000! Here’s how to help:

Single Gifts: www.caa-archeology.org/ways-to-give/donate

Sustaining Gifts: www.caa-archeology.org/ways-to-give/sustaining-membership

Gifts to the CAA can be made in someone’s honor. Just let us know by sending a note to caa@caa-archeology.org, and we’ll send a personal acknowledgement of your gift.

Thank you!

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