My name is Liang Pui Wa, Chris. I come from Hong Kong. I am currently a master-degree student at Peking University. My major is Neolithic and Xia, Shang Dynasty archaeology. This summer I am attending the CAA as a visiting scholar. I am fortunate to have the chance to learn more about archaeology in the US. I think my experience at the CAA will greatly enrich my skills and help me in the future when I excavate in China and Hong Kong.

As Zheng Wai mentioned yesterday, some of us continued to remove the back fill of the units this morning. The unit I am digging is one of the most complex and my partner is Kallie. After removing the back fill, we cleaned the surface of one of the features in order to take pictures. Afterwards, we measured the feature and worked on completing a map of the feature. Making an accurate record is one of the most important parts in excavation because it will be the only way for other people to access the details of the features. The principle of surveying and recording the feature is almost the same as in China, but there is a difference between US and China. For example, there is a book of standard soil colour charts and a list of rules for archaeologists to determine the colour and texture of the soil. This is very new for me. Now I’m very excited because we may start to dig the remaining section of the feature tomorrow.

P.S. Yesterday, a black rat snake (In fact, I’m not very sure it is a black rat snake or not, but I remembered the colour of the snake was black.) appeared in my unit. I was scared by it because it appeared in my sight suddenly and the snake was not a small one! (;゚Д゚) Today, a discarded skin was found beside the wall of Zheng Wai’s unit and the scales were black in colour. I think the skin may be from the black snake I saw yesterday.

Snake skin, post-shed

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