This week, the CAA would like to welcome Jenna Pirtle as one of our Women in Archeology Interns for 2014. Jenna will soon be graduating with a Master’s degree in anthropology from University of Tulsa where she studied under Dr. Robert Pickering.

Jenna holding a ceramic vessel she reconstructed.

Jenna holding a ceramic vessel she reconstructed.

In her graduate studies, Jenna’s focus has been mortuary practices in ancient West Mexico. By examining ceramic figures, she gained greater insight into practices of body modification in the region. In addition to her recent research, Jenna has a great deal of field and laboratory experience. In the field, Jenna has conducted surveys and excavations at various sites in southern Georgia. Currently, Jenna works in the Anthropology Department at the University of Tulsa performing ceramic analysis on a collection from a Creek site located along the Chattachoochee River. She is also contributing to an upcoming exhibit at the Gilcrease Museum by preparing artifacts. We are thrilled to have Jenna join us this year!

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3 Responses to The CAA Welcomes 2014 WIA Intern Jenna Pirtle!

  1. Charlie Pirtle says:

    That is my baby girl! I’m SO proud!

  2. Wanda Pirtle Cronauer says:

    So proud of you Jenna! Love you, Aunt Wanda

  3. Taylor T. says:

    Welcome! Looking forward to meeting you this summer!