Hi, I am Claire Norton, and I am a Women in Archeology Intern with the CAA for the 2016 field school season. I am a rising senior at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN where I am an anthropology and sociology major with a minor in both archeology and environmental studies. As an archeology lab research assistant under Dr. Kimberly Kasper, my research has focused on the excavation of Antebellum (1800-1860) slave cabins at Ames Plantation in West Tennessee. I conducted this research in tandem with ethnographic studies of local farmer’s markets in hopes of bringing relevancy to the study of the past. Discovering how places like Ames Plantation engaged in the agricultural practices of the past, we can draw valid and pertinent connections that have the capability to lead us towards more effective and viable solutions to mitigate the obstructed foodways of the Memphis region today. Outside of school, I enjoy camping and hiking with friends, eating unacceptable amounts of queso, and playing the banjo.


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