Digging out the back fill

Well, though today was also a hot day, we started our excavation at the Mound House site.

In the morning, we used shovels to clean soil from our unit so that we can see the level that was excavated last year by other people. This year we’ll continue to dig the unit that hasn’t been finished from last year.

However, at around 10am or 9:50am, farmers wanted to spray poison around the fields surrounding Mound House in order to keep their crops free from plant pests (I hope those poisons can also kill ticks and other bugs in that area…). So, we had to go back Kampsville, or else we would be also harmed by those poisons. Then we washed some bags of artifacts (pottery sherds, animal bones, lithics…) that had been collected in the field during previous years.

After lunch we went to the Mound House site again, and worked there until 4:30pm. We continued to remove the fill soils from the units.

It is the first time for me to dig in a real site, and it’s a meaningful day.

BTW, it seems that Chris and Kallie encountered a snake in their unit this afternoon, maybe Chris will tell us more details about that snake tomorrow in her upcoming post.

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