Friday marked the conclusion of the first week of our High School Field School. Dr. Colaninno gave the students an introduction to the prehistory of the Lower Illinois River Valley, and showed them the proper methods for excavation and piece plotting artifacts. The students started work on SQ 1064, one of the newest units in the western portion of our excavation area. In addition to work at TBGOK, the students toured various sites in the area including Hamburg Cemetery, where ASU field school students have been conducting a mutli-sensor geophysical survey.

Despite sweltering heat and high humidity, the students did a great job and were able to close level 02 of SQ 1064, and helped WIA interns describe the soil, Munsell, and map the ceiling of level 03. They also helped Dr. Colaninno map a recently exposed prehistoric trash deposit, or midden. This midden included artifacts such as shell, animal bone, limestone, broken pottery, and chipped stone debris. By the end of the week, our students had learned the basics of archeology and we hope to have them back next year to learn some of the more advanced techniques!


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