Hello from Kampsville!

I’m always amazed at how quickly time passes while in the field. It seems like we started fieldwork yesterday, but here we are near the middle of Week #2. Maybe I should tell you a little more about what we’re doing.

Longtime fans of the CAA and Lower Illinois Valley archeology will know that our summer fieldwork has been at the Mound House (11GE7) site in Greene County, IL. Our most recent investigations have focused on the non-mounded “habitation” areas of the site, particularly the large debris scatter(s) north of mound 1 and east of the levee. We’ll return to Mound House later this month when we begin excavation.

This year we decided to do something different, and investigate some new sites using geophysical methods. CAA archeologists and ASU field school students have conducted remote sensing (ground penetrating radar and magnetometry) and mapped two additional sites south of Kampsville.

GPR at Hardin Cemetery

On Tuesday and Wednesday (6/12-6/13) we collected data at a mound in the Hardin Cemetery. The cemetery’s well-maintained lawn made learning and practicing remote sensing easier than at plowed or hayed fields like those around Mound House.

Geomagnetic survey on the bluffs of Calhoun County, IL

After Hardin Cemetery, we moved to an unnamed and unrecorded bluff crest mound site in southern Calhoun County. Since Thursday (6/14) we’ve conducted radar and geomagnetic surveys of the site, as well as topographic mapping. This new site is a little more challenging than either Hardin Cemetery or Mound House, and ticks are abundant.

A lost art.

Digging a latrine.

The crew even got to dig a latrine while we were there.

GPR at Mound House

We even managed to sneak in a day of GPR work on top of Mound House mound 1 on Saturday, despite the poison ivy. Given the potential for full-body PI, staff handled the work on mound 1.

We’re busily processing data in the evenings. Initial results will be uploaded here as soon as we have them. You can get a sneak peak this Saturday at the CAA’s Archeology Day in Kampsville, IL.

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10 Responses to Week 1 (plus 2 days) Update

  1. Geoff Avern says:

    Hi guys! Hope you’re having a load of fun. Would love to be there with you.
    Will never forget my introduction to Mound House … ticks, poison ivy and heat index of 120*F … and lotsa lovely people :)