Outfitting an excavation crew  is a monumental job. From tarps to folding rulers to archival storage bags, our staff and students use a wide variety of supplies and equipment on a daily basis in the field and in the laboratory. While we work hard to keep our gear in good shape (we still have a few shovels on the job from the Koster era!), the reality of the situation is that our equipment takes a beating during the summer. Dig kits break, tarps shred in the killer winds at Mound House, mice nest in gloves, and line levels go out-of-true…to name just a few calamities (that, and running out of cookies during Cookie Break. Yikes.).

To help keep our students working, we’ve established a new way to support the Center for American Archeology: the Amazon.com Wish List! Our list gives you the opportunity to donate supplies and equipment directly to us. You simply browse the CAA’s Wish List, select the item(s) you’d like to donate, make your purchase, and they’ll be sent to our door by Amazon. You’ll receive a giant THANK YOU from us, a receipt documenting your donation, and the pleasure of knowing you’ve just put a sparkly, shiny, razor-sharp trowel into the hands of a budding scientist. Win-win.

Don’t forget to select the CAA as your preferred charitable organization when you shop through the AmazonSmile Foundation. It gives your gift an even greater impact!

As always, thanks a million for your support!

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2 Responses to When You Wish upon a Trowel…

  1. maylily says:

    A few of the items are on their way to you now! Wish it could be more. My daughter loved her time at camp a couple of years ago and learned so much. Good luck!

  2. Carol says:

    I am glad to hear your daughter had a great time in Kampsville. Thank you kindly for the supplies. Our 2014 students will greatly appreciate it!