Archaeology Adventures

Archaeology Adventures is an educational experience for kindergarten – 3rd grade students that introduces them to science and history through stories and art projects based in archaeology.

CAA educators and archaeologists work with teachers to choose activity sessions that complement teachers’ instructional goals and meet education standards. In addition to offering our standard activities, the CAA is always happy to develop new programs to meet your students’ specific educational needs. Archaeology Adventures is an educational experience your students won’t forget!

Activity Options

  • Archaeologists Dig for Clues: This is the core activity for this program and is highly recommended as the first activity. A CAA archaeologist-educator will read this story and share a site model and artifact samples with the students to help reinforce the plot and vocabulary. Optional extensions include timeline making, wastebasket excavation, corn/seed grinding with stone tools, or a sewing project with an awl.
  • Native American Game: A selection of fun, easy games to choose from with options for indoor and outdoor play. Some game options offer the chance to make their own game pieces to keep. Games encourage math skills, team work, and good sportsmanship.
  • Storytelling: Students hear a Native American Story and learn how stories have been used throughout history to help people remember important events and teach life lessons. Then students get to make up their own stories.
  • Pictographs: Students learn about petroglyphs, pictographs and symbolism. They then get to make their own art to keep.
  • Ceramics: The use of clay developed independently worldwide thousands of years ago. Students will learn where clay comes from, why ceramic technology is important, and then make their own coil or pinch pot.
  • Drum Making: The drum is an important and often sacred instrument to many people around the world. Native Americans have a long history of drum making. Students will learn about the importance of drums and how they hold special meaning to different people while making a drum of their own.

Program Options

Kampsville Field Trip: Bring your whole class to Kampsville for a day in the Lower Illinois Valley. Visit our museum and then travel to our education facility where students will participate in the chosen activities.

Cost: $10 per student for main activity with 1 extension. Each additional activity is $5 per student

In-School Archaeology Day: A CAA archaeology educator will travel to your classroom with all needed materials for a day of fun and learning.

Cost: Travel fee + $10 per student for main activity with 1 extension. Each additional activity is $5 per student.