Kampsville Legacy Scholarship

The Kampsville Legacy Scholarship program provides scholarships for students attending either the High School Field School or the Adult Field School. Legacy Scholarships are made possible by donations from CAA alumni to promote the next generation of archaeologists.

Scholarships cover a portion of tuition. Recipients are responsible for the balance of their tuition, travel expenses, and personal spending money. Awards are determined based on applicants’ Statement of Interest and recommendations. Award amount may vary by applicant. We intend to award as many scholarships as possible while still offsetting as much of the attendance cost as possible. 

Please note: Legacy Scholarships are available only for those applying to the CAA’s field schools.

Kampsville Legacy Adult Field School Scholarship

Students 18 and older, who are currently enrolled in college or graduate school and who are majoring, or planning to major, in archaeology, anthropology, or a related field (e.g., cultural studies, museum studies, geography, etc.) are eligible to apply for scholarship support. Rising freshmen, or recent college graduates who will be enrolling in a graduate program in the next academic year, are also eligible. To apply, please submit:

  • Adult Field School KLS Scholarship Application
  • Statement of Interest (1-2 pages) describing your interest in archaeology, future education and career plans, and why the Adult Field School will benefit you as you work towards your goals. Applicants should indicate how many weeks they wish to attend the program
  • One letter of reference from a professor or instructor which should be mailed or emailed separately by your referrer to address below.
  • Unofficial transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended.
  • Adult Field School Application without a tuition deposit or transportation fee

Kampsville Legacy High School Field School Scholarship

Students ages 13-17 interested in applying for a scholarship must submit:

  • High School Field School KLS Scholarship Application
  • A brief (1-2 pages) Statement of Interest, describing your interest in archaeology, future education and career plans, and why participation in the High School Field School will help you achieve your goals
  • Two Teacher Recommendation forms
  • High School Field School Registration without a tuition deposit or transportation fee

How to Apply

Awards will be made on a first-come, first-served basis, and will continue until grant funds are expended. Scholarship applications will be accepted and probably awarded after the initial review date. Please contact the CAA for information about available scholarship funds.

Applications and Recommendations should be submitted via email education@caa-archeology.org or by mail to:

Kampsville Legacy Scholarship
Center for American Archeology
PO Box 366
Kampsville, IL 62053

Upon receipt, we will send you a confirmation by email. If you have not received confirmation, we have not received your application!

You will be notified about tuition and transportation costs once scholarships are awarded.

Please take advantage of this unique opportunity to explore your interest in archaeology!

Questions: If you have any questions, please contact the CAA at education@caa-archeology.org or 618-653-4316 for more information.